JBossESB is the next generation of EAI - better and without the vendor-lockin characteristics of old. As such, many of the capabilities mirror those of existing EAI offerings: Business Process Monitoring, Integrated Development Environment, Human Workflow User Interface, Business Process Management, Connectors, Transaction Manager, Security, Application Container, Messaging Service, Metadata Repository, Naming and Directory Service, Distributed Computing Architecture. Plus JBossESB is part of an SOI (Service Oriented Infrastructure). However, SOA is not simply a technology or a product: it's a style of design, with many aspects (such as architectural, methodological and organisational) unrelated to the actual technology.

It uses a flexible architecture based on SOA principles such as loose-coupling and asynchronous message passing, emphasizing an incremental approach to adopting and deploying an SOI.

If you are interested, come and visit the forum. This is a community effort and we welcome all input to help improve the system.

JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide

Packt have recently published a book covering many aspects of JBoss ESB, written by a number of the current team members.  From the book you will learn how to

  • Install, configure, administer, start and stop the JBoss Application Server (AS) and then deploy JBoss ESB onto JBoss AS.
  • Run the JBoss ESB example “quickstart” sample applications, so that you understand the applications’ output, and how to debug the JBoss ESB application failures
  • Build custom JBoss ESB applications with JBoss ESB’s out-of-the-box actions or your own action code
  • Use a service registry to provide access to your services and store and access your metadata
  • Integrate your custom application with other applications through the protocols supported by JBoss ESB gateway listeners
  • See how the behavior of services can alter through content-based routing and message transformation
  • Use other JBoss open source projects such as the JBoss AS and JBDS with JBoss ESB to create, deploy, and administer services
  • Integrate existing web services with your applications’ services over JBoss ESB

More information can be found on the Packt site, including details on where to buy an electronic or hard copy of the book.

JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide


EJ-Technologies provide licenses for JProfiler for free, for the JBossESB project.


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